Be Pink Makeup Tutorial

Okay I admit, pink is one of my favorite colors! I feel like I'm a girly kind of girl whenever I wear something pink. Today's post is all about being a girl, wearing pink.

Like what I've said from my previous posts, I'm still learning to mix colors. I am not good on putting on some makeup but this time, I want to share you my first ever colored makeup tutorial called Be Pink.

First, I just cleanse my face with y favorite facial wash and a toner. Then I put on some liquid makeup on my face. I used the Careline Liquid Makeup in the shade of natural. I make sure that it blended well on my face. 

After that, I started working on my eyebrows. I used the Ever Bilena Eye Pencil. I like darker brows but I don't want it to look fake so a fill it in using my Avon Eyebrow brush. (Okay, you judge)

I put on some up and down eyeliner too. Then I started using my Careline Eyeshadow palette choosing a light pink color as a base then a lavender eyeshadow color as the main color for the shadows.

I put on some pinkish blush from my San San Makeup set. I make sure to put on a very light blush to look like it is natural.

I put on a baby pink lip colors also from San San Makeup set. First, I make an outline of my lips with a pinkish lip liner then fill it all over my lips before I put on the baby pink lip colors to make it lasts.

The last thing I did was set it all with my Ever Bilena pressed powder using a big powder brush and voila! Be Pink!

I know this is just a simple tutorial but I hope you like it. Expect more on the next posts! By the way, Valentines Day is coming so stay updated because I have something very important to announce :-)


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  2. you look pretty


  3. This make up look is lovely! Perfect for valentines :) great post x

  4. Amazing tutorial! you look so lovely!
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  8. Pink is my all-time favorite:) You look lovely with pink lips!!
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  10. Perfect post and make up.

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