A Pizza Sundate!

Hello readers! This post is a little bit from my friendly life! It's all about friends. We all have some friends whom we cannot hang out everyday but, I got a lucky Sunday because I've been with some of my favorite people from my college days! We scheduled a small chit-chat and it wasn't complete without food. Yes. We all love to it!

 One of our favorite food place is Pizza Hut when it comes to pizza and pasta.

Since we're a group, we ordered one of their group meals. It was a meal for 8 or 12. (I am not really sure) It has 3 different kinds of Pizza, a spaghetti, 10 cups of soup and 2 pitchers of coke. (Sorry for not having all the photos included in this post)

Tastes awesome!

For those who are wondering the price, you can go to their website to check and see more!

Picture taking is not complete so here we are, striking a not-so professional model pose hahah!

Having a some time with your old but not changing friends is the best way to maintain the relationships you built ever since. So I suggest, you better catch up, hang-out, have a little food trip and of course, pictures to create more memories!

Happy friendship day! I love Sundays like this :-)



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